Quiz Competition – Knowledge@NUS MBA

The winning team of the Inaugural General Quiz Competition talks about their road to victory. 

Organized by Knowledge@NUS MBA, The Inaugural General Quiz Competition went by smoothly last Friday, largely unnoticed amidst the big events like Cerebration and GBC!

After being drained by the mammoth 5 -hour session on Negotiation and Conflict Management Workshop (Conducted by Prof Ho Beng) organized by NUS MBA Consulting Club, I was already pretty much consumed but there was this one last thing for the day – the quiz competition. If I could trust my memory, there were 8 teams in total (Well, I am also counting Rathin as a team even though he alone was killing all of us). There was an elimination round to make the competition manageable and we (Anshuman Kaushik, Yogesh and I) survived this round and made it to the actual competition. Other teams which made it this round were Rathin, Kunal Mukherjee & Team (Anshul & Sumit), Shouvik Chanda & Team (Priyanshu & Shreyansh)

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