Why So Serious? The Secret Rules of MBA Student Life

Maybe you thought that as an MBA student, life was all work and no play, all case studies and no BBQ parties. Well, we just might have to prove you wrong.


This week, we’re rounding up a selection of some of the coolest posts on the NUS MBA Blog. Read on for a glimpse into the dynamic, fun-loving, and often unexpected world of the NUS MBA. Everything you wanted to know, didn’t think to ask, and more, in:

The Secret Rules of MBA Student Life


We take time off. Together! Sometimes we play Paintball. Or Foosball (In case you wondered where NUS MBA students sometimes disappear to after class). We also take epic winter breaks.


Over consecutive weekends you may find us gunning for a case competition, or throwing powder at each other in a colour festival. The sky’s the limit!


We seize and turn campus fire drills into golden data-gathering opportunities.


We’ve travelled to LA and Omaha, where we heard Warren Buffet’s investor advice and queued for an autograph. (Find out the context in which he said, “‘If you have an IQ of 150, sell 30 points to the next person” in the post here).

On other occasions, our bloggers have spilled the beans on MBA Study Trips to Macau, Manila (“Bombay meets Bogota” according to one NUS MBA blogger), and Japan.Celebration: We’ve danced gangnam-style. And spontaneously broken into the chicken-dance over a boisterous Oktoberfest dinner.


Sometimes, we even write poems to the start of a brand-new MBA semester.

Yup, that’s how exciting the NUS MBA is. It’s just the way we roll.

Voices: Banking on Career Growth – Elaine Xian’s MBA Story

Looking for ways to power up your career growth? Want to grow your exposure to commercial banking in the emerging markets of Asia? This post is part of the NUS MBA Blog’s “Voices” series, where MBA candidates at NUS Business School share their personal stories.

Asia Finance MBA

Photo credit: Luca Sartoni

Equipped with experience of Greater China’s commercial banking landscape, Elaine Xian Huipin discerned that the growth of the Southeast Asian region could help propel her career. Just over a year later, the Vice President of the NUS MBA Student Council shares her MBA story, one that has taken her on study trips in Taiwan and Spain, to India for a Graduate Business Conference, and to Deloitte & Touche ERS, Singapore, on a risk management internship.

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A Change of Cause: An Impact Investing MBA Story

This week, we share an MBA story about impact investing. Monica Ochoa Rodriguez  entered the NUS MBA programme with a background in finance and an interest in social entrepreneurship, and no clear idea of how she would combine her expertise and passions. She shares how her studies paved the way for a self-sourced internship in impact investing, and gave her a whole new appreciation for this emerging field.

Social Business MBA

After working for some time as a fixed income trader and wealth management relationship manager, Monica found herself increasingly fascinated by alternative assets. When she came to NUS, taking courses in this field was a natural choice. “Goal number one for my MBA,” she says, “was to find out what I really enjoy, what makes me really happy.”
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Which MBA to Choose? Simplify Your Decision-Making With this Tip

How do you decide which MBA programme is right for you? In the second in a series aimed at helping those considering an MBA, the NUS MBA Blog has a radical idea to inspire your MBA research and decision-making process.

Evaluating MBA Options


You’ve done all your groundwork, crunching numbers, combing through countless MBA websites and prospectuses, talking to trusted advisers, and collecting as much information as you can about the different MBA programmes out there. You’ve scrutinised the ins and outs of your personal preferences. Still the biggest question remains unanswered: How do you know if the MBA programme you’re considering is right for you? Continue reading

Networking Resources 101: Introducing the NUS Business Alumni Network

In a small but fast-moving and highly-selective market, job-seeking MBA candidates need to know their networks. Luckily resources like the NUS Business Alumni Directory are at their disposal. In this post, the NUS MBA Blog provides an introduction to the NUS Business Alumni network.

Let’s admit it: regardless of MBA qualifications, and regardless of the growth of Asia, finding a new job can still be a challenge. In a recent interview, former NUS Associate Director of Career Services Saima Siddiqi noted that:

Singapore is a relatively small market. The population of the country is 5 million people, out of which one million are expatriates. So, while there is an expectation that there are a huge array of job opportunities in Singapore with many international firms and major regional players basing their headquarters here, in reality, the job market for MBA-level opportunities is relatively small and extremely competitive.

In a challenging environment, how can a graduating MBA broaden his or her options? Well,

personal networks and referrals can play an important role in highly selective and fast-moving business environments like Singapore. Because employers have short timelines, and very specific requirements, many opportunities that would be of interest to our MBA students are not publicised but shared through personal networks and word of mouth. Such hidden job opportunities are not filled through job listings or traditional on-campus recruitment.

For NUS MBA candidates to find these hidden job opportunities, they need to get plugged into local networks and in touch with people on the ground. Continue reading