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MBA is not only about making it big in the business world, but it is also about making a big social impact, according the mission of our NUS MBA Social Impact Club.

Rooted in its core values of awareness, sustainability, education and empowerment, the club strives to create events and initiatives that advocate these ideals to benefit the society. It serves as primary channel for our MBA students to make a difference through volunteer programmes and community activities. More importantly, it goes beyond giving back – it encourages MBAs to practice their business skills and interests in a way that ignites positive change by developing projects and activities that promote the link between business and social development.

One of its current projects is to raise funds for solar water pumps for Tolosa, one of the worst-affected regions in hurricane typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Four NUS MBA students – Marco Ordonez, Ashima Wadhawan, Adrian Albano and Julian Ragragio – came together to support the residents of Tolosa community, who have no access to clean water and the solar powered pumps will give them a sustainable source of clean water from just one reliable resource: Sunlight.

TOTAL SKY GRANT NUSBut a mission like this is not fulfilled without the support of the community. The team needs YOUR vote to succeed by winning in the TOTAL’s Sky Grant Competition. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Click on this link.
  • Step 2:  Vote for the project below:
    • Name of the project : Tolosa Water Systems
    • Name of school : Université Nationale de Singapour 
  • Step 3:  Enter your last name, first name and email address.
    • For the field marked ‘Etablissement’, select – National University of Singapore.
    • For the field  marked ‘Promotion’, select – 2015 
  • Step 4: After receiving a link sent to your email, click on the link to vote

Your vote will make a big difference to improve the lives of many in the Tolosa region. You can reach the team here for more information and/or to wish good luck!

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