Tips for interviews on Skype

The interview, whether in person or online, is the first personal impression you will make. All your test scores, letters and application essays have been successful in scoring an interview, now it is up to you to impress.

The interview panel

The NUS MBA interview panel will consist of either a faculty member and a staff member of the Graduate Studies Office (GSO), or two members from the GSO. The interview is about 20-minutes long and will be conducted during office hours. The interviewers will be given the candidates’ resumes, essays and referee reports ahead of the interviews.

How to do well in the interview?

With many potential student candidates located around the world, the Skype interview is becoming increasingly popular with NUS interviewers. Though similar in purpose to a face-to-face interview, doing so on Skype has subtleties that one needs to know before undertaking it. Continue reading