5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Part-time MBA

5 tips for those of you considering a part-time MBA

For the benefit of those contemplating a part-time MBA, we’ve rounded up 5 Tips for “Making the Most of Your Part-Time MBA”.  Read on for the insights shared by part-time NUS MBA candidates Luke Goh,  Celena Yew, and Nipun Deora .

Communicate your plans early

Tell supervising managers about your plans so that arrangements can be made, advises NUS part-time student Luke Goh. This helps to avoid misunderstandings about your commitment to your work, and allows you sufficient time to negotiate your work arrangements if you need to plan your schedules and working hours around class.

Enlist moral support

Build a study group and get colleagues or close friends to be cheerleaders, reminding you to keep your eyes on your objectives and accomplishments when things get overwhelming. “I was fortunate to get to know a bunch of MBA course mates who have become more than just my project mates,” notes Celena Yew, and “I was lucky enough to have a few colleagues in McKinsey who were very supportive of what I was doing. They provided me morale support and cheered me on all the time.”

Don’t neglect your personal life

Getting enough rest and relaxation, and giving time to your loved ones is important for you to enjoy your MBA experience to the fullest. While good communication is important, notes Luke Goh, “good time management and setting priorities can also help ease any unnecessary stress.” Make it a point to draw clear boundaries between work and time with the people you love: this will help you to know when you should say yes or no, and why.

Make the most of the flexibility

NUS part-time MBA candidate Nipun Deora points out that as a part-time MBA you can bid for any class (even during the day time if your work schedule permits) and you can tailor your MBA courses to suit your interests and workload.

Get plugged in

“From NUS’s prospective, there is no difference in the part-time and the full-time MBA programme,” Nipun Deora shares. Being a part-time student does not handicap one’s chance to network and socialise with fellow MBA students, be it part-time or full-time. Deora recommends that part-time MBA students make the most of the facilities and opportunities open to them, and even get involved in the many student activities organised by the NUS MBA Student Council.

Want more insights into the life of a part-time MBA? Check out the posts by Luke Goh,  Celena Yew, and Nipun Deora. Find out more about how a part-time MBA compares to a full-time MBA on the NUS MBA website.

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