The seven hashtags of highly effective people

As in life, the only thing that is constant in the business arena is change. Here are seven hashtags, or tools, that highly effective people use in dealing with it in making career advances.

Seven hashtags of highly effective people


Vision and foresight have helped many good business leaders become great. An MBA programme reveals their way of thinking be it through classes, events held by companies, or study trips. Our Think Business website also offers a selection of videos of interviews with business leaders that provide such insights.


Business credibility and career credentials are built on work experience, which can be accelerated. For instance, working on intense, demanding projects and case competitions may boost a person’s ability to add value to his or her next role. The story of NUS MBA alumnus Celena Yew is a case in point.


Being an effective leader is not just about having good business judgment, ambitious objectives and strong analytical ability. Effective communication skills are vital in motivating others to act on your vision for the way ahead. Professor Hsieh Tsun-Yan, a 30-year veteran of management consultancy McKinsey and lecturer in a new management communication module, talks about this topic here.


Knowledge is power and it helps people overcome challenges. Getting up to date on the latest regional or industry trends, or gaining experience in an emerging market would help plug the knowledge gaps of those who aspire to become business leaders.


Highly effective people seek to achieve their goals with efficient use of time. An MBA degree can certainly help people fast-track or switch careers, or set up their own business. Indeed, an MBA degree can aid aspiring entrepreneurs in plugging into networks for start-ups and get the necessary impetus and funding.


Networking is one of the fastest ways for people to acquire resources and knowledge. An MBA programme provides opportunities for people, companies and business leaders to do just that, sometimes for free.


And lastly, highly effective individuals know how to appraise and execute new business opportunities. Take for example Warren Buffett and Richard Branson. At MBA school, students can learn entrepreneurial skills and how to take calculated risks using rigorous simulations and intense investor pitches.


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