So you want to be an entrepreneur… ?

Did you know that innovation is a strong feature of our community and a core value of our school? Following are some excerpts from a blog post by Christian Halberg, an NUS MBA student who perfectly embodies the school’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Collaborative Environment

One of the big perks of being in NUS Business School is the thriving community of smart, intellectual peers who sometimes share the same passion. I found these peers – our team, comprising of me (from NUS Business School), and three fellow engineers (from NUS Faculty of Engineering), got together at Lean LaunchPad (LLP), a new initiative by NUS Entrepreneurship Centre.

“Flipped classroom” Approach

National University of Singapore is the first university in Asia to have adopted this experiential ‘flipped-classroom’ teaching methodology, as a way to match-make teams of engineers and business people.

Experiential Learning

Lean LaunchPad (LLP) is a 10 week boot-camp which requires the participating teams to “get out of the building” and speak to people.  The central idea is that if your business idea is going to fail, it is best to find this out quickly and at minimal cost – the “lean” way.

Start-up Competitions

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, I definitely recommend attending competitions as they offer a chance to meet new friends, visit new places and most importantly, build the right network. By the time we arrived in San Francisco for the Intel Global Challenge, for instance, we had already scheduled a number of appointments with investors, university professors, and industry players. The entrepreneurial spirit is truly global, so the exposure that such competitions provide is tremendously valuable. All in all,  these opportunities can help shape and validate ideas around what you are ultimately trying to achieve – creating a new idea or concept, and building a feasible business model able to support it.

Read full blog post on our community blog. Also, check out this blog post that compiles some good resources for NUS students interested in entrepreneurship.

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