Voices: I Chose a Singapore MBA – Marie Cheong’s MBA Story

Why did an overseas Singaporean pick a MBA in Singapore as her best option? This post is part of the NUS MBA Blog’s “Voices” series, where MBA candidates at NUS Business School share their personal stories.

NUS MBA in SingaporePhoto credit: Luca Sartoni

For Marie Ann Cheong Hui Fen, who worked with a multinational construction firm in the UK for 5 years, it was the relatively-small cohort size, impressive teaching staff, and the potential to contribute in the short- and long-run that motivated her decision. Read on for more about Marie’s experience flying the flag high for the NUS MBA on an international stage.

Marie, Can you tell us about your background?

I worked for a multinational construction firm for five years and was responsible for customer service, contract performance and process improvement for contracts worth approximately £50 million per annum. I am a qualified project manager and specialised in delivering contracts and cost reduction for public sector clients.

Why did you choose the NUS MBA?

The NUS MBA is one of the top ranked programmes in Asia and I was attracted to NUS’s focus on Asian business within a global context.  The relatively small cohort size also made the programme very attractive.  Finally, I wanted to attend a business school that I could continue to be involved with and contribute to after graduation. My interview with a strategy professor in the UK during the application process confirmed the quality of the teaching staff and that the NUS MBA was the right fit for me.

What do you like about the NUS MBA programme?

I like the fact that I could meet many new people from different backgrounds. The intensity of the NUS MBA, both in terms of academic and extra-curricular activities, combined with the diversity of students meant that I could learn a great deal about different cultures and make good friends quickly.  I have learnt as much from my classmates as I have from my modules.

Have you been on any study trips / attended any student activities?

Representing the NUS MBA at the John Molson case competition in Canada was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of the programme. I was very happy to be able to make it to the semi-finals. I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel and compete in international competitions as a part of my MBA experience. Being involved in the Consulting Club and being part of the team organising Cerebration 2013 are also two of the highlights of my MBA experience.

What is your best moment in the NUS MBA so far?

The best moment for me was when we raised over $100,000 from sponsors to secure Cerebration 2013, The NUS MBA’s flagship event and one of the biggest MBA case competitions globally.

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