Networking Resources 101: Introducing the NUS Business Alumni Network

In a small but fast-moving and highly-selective market, job-seeking MBA candidates need to know their networks. Luckily resources like the NUS Business Alumni Directory are at their disposal. In this post, the NUS MBA Blog provides an introduction to the NUS Business Alumni network.

Let’s admit it: regardless of MBA qualifications, and regardless of the growth of Asia, finding a new job can still be a challenge. In a recent interview, former NUS Associate Director of Career Services Saima Siddiqi noted that:

Singapore is a relatively small market. The population of the country is 5 million people, out of which one million are expatriates. So, while there is an expectation that there are a huge array of job opportunities in Singapore with many international firms and major regional players basing their headquarters here, in reality, the job market for MBA-level opportunities is relatively small and extremely competitive.

In a challenging environment, how can a graduating MBA broaden his or her options? Well,

personal networks and referrals can play an important role in highly selective and fast-moving business environments like Singapore. Because employers have short timelines, and very specific requirements, many opportunities that would be of interest to our MBA students are not publicised but shared through personal networks and word of mouth. Such hidden job opportunities are not filled through job listings or traditional on-campus recruitment.

For NUS MBA candidates to find these hidden job opportunities, they need to get plugged into local networks and in touch with people on the ground.

Luckily, in Singapore’s tiny market, NUS Business students have one additional resource at their disposal. Besides leveraging your LinkedIn account, and sorting through listings on TalentEDGE (NUS Business School Jobs Portal) and Talent Connect (NUS-Wide Careers Portal), the NUS Business Alumni Directory offers the opportunity to be part of a network of over 40,000 alumni.

To help orientate you, we’ve created a basic tutorial on how to make use of your NUS Biz Alumni Network account.

As you may have noticed, one very helpful feature in the directory is the ability to sort alumni by industry and location. This, coupled with some tactful emails and LinkedIn in-mail skills, just might help you to get closer to your goals.

Good luck, and a warm welcome to the NUS Business Alumni community network!

BONUS: Elsewhere on the NUS network, the Outside-In blog has a guest post by a recruiter on 5 tips to looking for a job after graduation, while our YouTube channel presents a talk by Asian headhunters.

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