The Fastest One Month of My Life!

nus mba orientation 2012

Orientation Day – Cohort of 2012

Student blogger Naithy Cyriac recounts the 2012 NUS MBA Orientation and taking the plunge into student life. 

Flashback! Over a month ago, we were being guided, pampered and fed by the MBA Admissions office, the faculty and even seniors during the NUS MBA Orientation.

nus mba orientation 2012
Diverse cohort, coming from 21 different nationalities

Cut to the present! That luxurious cushion of time has been swiftly pulled away from under our heads. We aggressively devise strategies to fully utilize the 24 hours in a day amidst the usual hustle bustle associated with an MBA degree from a top-notch school. The exciting orientation goody bags and “Explore Singapore” maps in our hands have been replaced by books almost half my weight (do not mistake modesty for exaggeration).

It has indeed been the fastest one month of my life!

In a cohort of 91 full time students from 21 different nationalities, the learning curve is as steep as it can get – including the correct pronunciation of some very tricky names! Facebook and LinkedIN connections definitely helped us reach out to our future classmates beyond the physical boundaries of our respective countries before we landed in Singapore. My friends’ list expanded at an inversely proportional rate to the Facebook stock price and thanks to a couple of informal (hic!) meets before orientation, I was able to identify and learn over 50 names during the first week.

The orientation provided a comprehensive overview of all that we need to know and do as students – from intricate curriculum details, attractive employment opportunities; networking events and a quick Singapore tour to the part we love the most – free food!

nus mba orientation 2012
Outward Bound Singapore, Pulau Ubin
nus mba orientation 2012
Team building time!
nus mba orientation 2012
Let’s go!!!

Need a time travel machine? You know where to go!

Student Blogger: Naithy Cyriac
Nationality: Indian

Full-Time student, Class of 2014

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