Change: Closing a Chapter and Going back to Student Life

Full-time student Devmanyu Singh reflects on making the transition from work, and going back to student life as an NUS MBA.  

Not very long back I had been part of the arduous process of preparing for exams, short-listing b-schools, filling applications and writing those ‘why MBA?’ essays. Though I was through with most of the MBA admission interviews, and had even been accepted in some of the schools that I had applied to, I particularly remember the uncharacteristically laidback afternoon in early April in office. This was the day I got an email with the subject — “Congratulations! You have been given an admission offer for NUS MBA (August 2011 intake)”. Unable to react, I glanced nervously around my workstation and then stared hard at the computer screen—a bit overwhelmed and too confused to open the mail. Asian b-schools were the focus area of my first year of application, and NUS was the top school (in terms of strategic fit) to which I had applied.

Well, I did finally open the mail, and it slowly sank in that I had made it to the prestigious NUS MBA program! Along with the happiness of getting admitted to NUS and the excitement of living in the vibrant Singapore, a sense of loss and nostalgia also crept in. The familiar office where I was sitting, the colleagues who were congratulating me on my admission and the cheerful cook at home would slowly drift away into a fondly remembered part of my past. Many of the contacts on my cell phone would become alpha-numeric links to fading faces. This awkward mix of feelings brought with it an element of anxiety.

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