No Ordinary Night


OneMBA.OneFamily. NUS MBA International Night 2011.

With the MBA family hailing from all over the world, there is much to learn and share. Our student blogger reports on the highly-anticipated NUS MBA International Day event.

October 3, 2011 started out just like any normal day. The freshies came to attend their Marketing and Finance core courses, the seniors on to their electives.  Groups went on to discuss reports and projects. But around 7 in the evening when the NUS MBA community converged to Kent Ridge Guild House, that’s when all the action happened. The MBAs let go of their laptops and readings and traded their casuals and formals for something more colorful. Folks, welcome to NUS MBA International Day 2011 (or shall we say, International Night 2011?)

NUS MBA International Day2011

After a sumptuous dinner and light-hearted conversation (no talk of exams and upcoming projects), the program hosts Abhiroop and Evelyn got the ball rolling with some introductory remarks from the Student Development Club, the organizers of the big event with the theme, “One MBA.One Family”. Then on with the highlight of the night—the cultural presentations!

NUS MBA International Night 2011
NUS MBA International Night 2011

Team Korea shared interesting information about their country, including a music video featuring popular Korean pop artists. Jin Kwang’s son wowed the audience with his taekwondo skills and father and son even had a match, with the young boy in full combat mode! Do Hyun and DK then gamely proceeded with a demonstration of the “ssireum”, which is Korean folk wrestling. Friends from China gave a song presentation with Dongye revealing his talent in singing. Evelyn gets the most active award with her modern dance number and a recitation of a Chinese poem.

The duo of Evan and Andy from Taiwan likewise gamely presented on stage. The audience were also treated to some informational and music videos about Singapore and Mongolia.

Team Japan got a lot of cheers with their sumo wrestling presentation courtesy of Atsushi and Kenji. They also taught the audience the  Japanese Bon dance to the rhythm of the popular folk song Tanko Bushi . And in their colorful yukatas, it was a fun sight. (Hiroshi and Haruko won the best dressed male and female awards!)

Classmates from Malaysia and Indonesia also shared about their countries, and Corina gave out an Indonesian mask to a member of the audience. Not to be left out are the energetic performances by our friends from India who did a song number and the much-applauded bhangra dance. (Hats off guys and gals for that performance!)

The country presentations were then capped off by a medley of English and Filipino songs performed by Team Philippines acoustic-style led by Lee in vocals and guitar.

With the MBA family hailing from different parts of the world, the International Night is one of many activities to look forward to. It was a delight to see the community coming together to celebrate both our oneness and diversity. It was about the stories and bonds being formed just as it was about the colors, native attires, languages, songs and dances.  It was about the art and craft of the performances (novices though we may be) just as it was about the happiness and appreciation the audience had shown.  It was about us learning more about the lands and people beyond our own.

As the event winded down to a close and folks went back to their homes, I am sure everyone realized, it definitely was no ordinary night.

Carissa Caparas (Filipino) 
Full Time MBA Student, Class of 2013

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