Say a word… Flexibility it is!

Student blogger Nipun Deora shares her perspectives on life as a part-time MBA, and why she appreciates the flexibility the part-time programme at NUS gives.

“What is the first word that comes to your mind if I say waves?” asked my friend, breaking the silence, sitting next to me on the East Coast Beach in Singapore. We had been cycling on the beautiful 10 km long path along the coast for 2 hours. Physically exhausted and mentally rejuvenated, we sat on the sand for some time and enjoyed the cool dusk breeze. It has been a month since I started my part-time MBA in NUS and since we both had a chance to spend time (“Quality time” as she puts it) together. “Energy” I replied to her question. “what if I say sea?” she continued. “Hmm… Adventure” I replied. Well, it went on for 6-7 questions till she asked “how about your NUS part-time MBA?” “Flexibility” I replied – almost effortlessly and unknowingly.  She was curious to know why I said so for NUS MBA, which made me think and appreciate the flexibility the part-time MBA program at NUS offers.

“Here is why I think so:

  • From NUS’s prospective, there is no difference in the part-time and the full-time MBA program.
  •  In either case, the course is rigorous – you have to meet the same academic criteria and same course work requirements to get the degree.
  • As a part-time student, similar to a full-time student,
  • you can bid for any class (even during the day time – if your work schedule permits you to do so),
  • you can tailor made your MBA – choose your courses in any order and number of courses you want to do in a particular semester to suit your interests, job work load and/ or other commitments,
  • you have the same access to all the NUS facilities – be it library, sports, or even the career services – internships or full-time jobs,
  • you can stand for any leadership position such as student council president, vice presidents and various clubs presidents. Would you believe me if I tell you that this year the student leader who has been elected as a Career Services Director is a part-time student?,
  • you can apply for exchange programs offered in collaborations with the partner universities across the globe – NYU Stern, Duke, HEC-Paris to name a few.
  • In addition to all that I just mentioned, you can, if you wish, convert your part-time MBA to a full-time MBA anytime after your first semester.

Hence the flexibility..!!” with a smile on my face and contentment within me that I have made a right choice, I finally finished talking.

“Isn’t it the same with part-time courses offered by other universities?” she asked. “Maybe, I am not sure”, I replied, “But, that is not the point. The point is that I chose NUS and NUS chose me, and it does provide all these opportunities. It would not be fair to take for granted the flexibility the part-time MBA program at NUS offers. The NUS MBA management has done a great job in putting part-time program at par with the full-time one. With the flexibility and the Asian prospective that this course offers and myriad of experiences and opportunities that Asia offers, NUS is the place to be. I am glad that I made this choice.”

“You have age at your side. You are just 26 and you are single so you don’t have any family responsibilities; why din’t you opt for the full time course instead? Isn’t the part-time too hectic to manage along with your very demanding job? I mean, is it worth the effort? Will it pay off?” she inquired.

-to be continued… keep visiting the NUS MBA Blog… I will answer this question and others she asked in my next blog entry. I hope, through this blog, to offer an insight into the NUS MBA Program.

I now have to get back to my assignments and prepare for my marketing quiz due in one day. In the mean while, please feel free to write a comment or if you are too shy to do so, email me your comments, suggestions, or questions about the program. I will try to reply to you within 48 hours. Cheers..!!

Nipun Deora (Indian) 
Part Time MBA Student, Class of 2015

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