Say a word… Flexibility it is!

Student blogger Nipun Deora shares her perspectives on life as a part-time MBA, and why she appreciates the flexibility the part-time programme at NUS gives.

“What is the first word that comes to your mind if I say waves?” asked my friend, breaking the silence, sitting next to me on the East Coast Beach in Singapore. We had been cycling on the beautiful 10 km long path along the coast for 2 hours. Physically exhausted and mentally rejuvenated, we sat on the sand for some time and enjoyed the cool dusk breeze. It has been a month since I started my part-time MBA in NUS and since we both had a chance to spend time (“Quality time” as she puts it) together. “Energy” I replied to her question. “what if I say sea?” she continued. “Hmm… Adventure” I replied. Well, it went on for 6-7 questions till she asked “how about your NUS part-time MBA?” “Flexibility” I replied – almost effortlessly and unknowingly.  She was curious to know why I said so for NUS MBA, which made me think and appreciate the flexibility the part-time MBA program at NUS offers.

“Here is why I think so:

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