The buzz word "Networking"

NUS MBA NetworkingPart-time MBA student Kat Neo discusses the MBA networking events at NUS, and a little secret to being natural in your networking.

In the MBA school, the buzz word is “networking”. Everyone knows that networking is important and hopes to have heaps of opportunities to network. There are various avenues for networking. Social networking is what we are mostly familiar with, through platforms such as Facebook and Google+. LinkedIn is another social network platform but is more catered for business and professional networking. And obviously, most of the NUS MBA students are now connected through a common Facebook Group – NUS MBA Intake 2011 (closed group).

In a short span of one month into NUS MBA, we have been exposed to Networking Events such as formal events such as Industry and Recruitment Talks, and informal events such as Luncheons and Meet-the-Alumni dinner. And I had a great opportunity to meet Mr Yeo Keng Joon, who is from the first batch of NUS MBA cohort. He is also the Charirman of Bharat Luxindo, which currently supplies prawn and fish feeds to farmers in India. It was interesting listening to his story on what led him to start his own company. Personally, I enjoy talking to entrepreneurs. Talking and hanging out with these entrepreneurs just brings out this additional drive in me. From hearing their stories of their hardships and failures, to seeing how successful they are today, it is truly motivational.

A short side track: A few years ago during an industry exhibition, I observed a colleague who easily picked up a conversation well with any stranger he met in a networking session. I asked him whether he really liked to network because I found it difficult and unnatural to do so. He told me one key message, “Don’t expect anything from the other party in the first meet-up. Networking is about meeting once, twice, thrice in various occasions and building that familiarity.”

It has been just one month into my NUS MBA life. As days go, I believe I will make many more great friends. I’m looking forward to the next networking event! Oktoberfest @ Paulaner Brauhaus on Oct 6. What’s the best therapy and temporal relief for students amidst the piled-up-tutorials? Nothing could beat the joy of having the companion of fellow students and new-found friends, chatting anything-under-the-sky, eating out and beer drinking. And all these for FREE. Amazing! I love NUS.

Kat Neo (Singaporean) 
Part Time MBA Student, Class of 2015

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