[NUS KM Club] Your Fabulous Voice

nus mba public speaking course

‘Crispy Consonants’

Planned by the NUS Knowledge Management Club, a public speaking class with veteran broadcaster Rebecca Low had our MBA students spouting “crispy consonants!”

We kicked off our activities for this semester with a session on public speaking conducted by Rebecca Low. Rebecca is a 25-year veteran of the broadcasting industry, and is the founder of Vocal Charisma (www.vocalcharisma.com), conducting workshops on Voice and Business Presentations. Not only did Rebecca graciously agree to conduct the session, but she also brought along a suitcase full of chips and fruits (Taiwanese oranges no less!). Her expectation of the session was for it to be an informal, participative event – and that’s exactly what we got, with just under 20 participants huddled up as Rebecca took us through her repertoire of exercises to make all of us sound better.

[NUS MBA] John Molson Business Case Competiton

nus mba john molson case competition 2011

NUS MBA students Suwandy Lee, Diana Chang, Susan Tong, and Brian Atlee share about their experience in the 2011 John Molson Case Competition held by Concordia University.

January 2011, NUS MAB students Suwandy Lee, Diana Chang, Susan Tong, and Brian Atlee participated in the Business Case Competition held by John Molson School of Busines, Concordia University. This competition is open to business schools worldwide and is held in Montreal, Canada from 3 – 8 January 2011 during the winter season. This year, a total of 36 schools participated with 14 from Canada, 8 from US and the remaining 14 from different parts of Europe, Singapore, Israel and Pakistan.

Below is the experience sharing from each team member:

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