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Find out about some of the interactive activities that kept the class learning and engaged at the Business Case Competition Training workshops organised by the NUS KM Club.

The NUS Knowledge Management Club kicked off the second season of BCCT workshop series with a session on presentation skills by Ms. Justine Joss of Jay Jay Communications. This series is divided into six sessions each concentrating on a different dimension of grooming the participants to handle case competitions. Participation is the essence of these sessions; these aren’t those boring sessions that you go to and come out just listening to the speaker. Ms. Justine gave tips on voice modulation, breathing exercises, tone, pace, to dos and don’ts before a presentation, how to engage your audience, body language, and eye contact.

There was an interactive exercise for every aspect covered during the workshop. The best one was when we had to say “I really wanna have fun” in angry, funny, singing, sad, and happy mode. The participants were quite sporty. I almost felt one of them would hit me when she said I really wanna have fun in angry mode (she was fierce and totally into the character!). The session ended with some of the participants going in front of the group for one minute applying all the tips given.

The second workshop was on Case Analysis and Presentation by Prof Nitin Pangarkar. This was an eye opener for a lot of us. Critical aspects like essentials of a case analysis – financials; facts; assumptions; level of optimism, and flow of the presentation were covered. Every point was iterated by showing award winning presentations. The next part was application of the things covered. We were divided into 10 groups. Each group was given the task to critique an award winning presentation and come prepared with a 15 min case analysis presentation for the next session.

The third session on “Keeping it Short” by Professor Elizabeth Boyle was the best. The session started with tips on color connotations in presentations (recommendations in RED are a big no no! and Green is a big ‘go’ ‘go’), presentation styles, body language, and level of contact with the judges and audience. The next task given to us was to critique one of the winning presentations. The professor was very sharp in her analysis; she had more points than what we had collectively. Just when you think you know what’s coming next, there is a twist waiting to be unleashed. The twist was that we had to shorten our presentation of 15 minutes to a presentation of 8 minutes and edit the same in the next 15 minutes. One thing that we were sure of was that everyone was going to get ripped apart during the presentation! This session was full of video moments – especially when the professor was providing individual feedback. You have to be there to experience it!

Looking forward to the upcoming sessions and surprises!!

Neha Rehani
NUS MBA Student, Class of 2012

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