Futsal Fury 2010

NUS MBA student Adam James Reinhardt blogs about the highly-anticipated 2nd annual NUS Fustal Frenzy tournament. 

nus futsal frenzy 2010

Not even driving rain could curb the enthusiasm of the more than 100 participants who came to NUS for the 2nd Annual Futsal Frenzy tournament on 10 April 2010. Twelve teams signed up for the tournament, which featured small-sided soccer games played on the Sports and Recreation Center’s Handball courts. Corporate teams from NTUC Income, Société Général, Panasonic Semiconductors and People’s Association joined student teams from the Marketing Institute of Singapore, the Nanyang MBA, and the NUS MBA to raise money for the Kids Inclusive Club of the Singapore Disability Sports Council. Two NUS undergraduate teams and one NUS faculty team also joined in the fun. In the end, the teams contributed a total of S$ 2,156 for charity!

Although the wet conditions caused an initial delay, the professional referees soon took the pitch for the first matches. Grouped into three divisions, teams played through a round robin to determine who would advance to the single elimination playoffs. After surviving two rounds of fierce playoff competition, Société Général and NUS EKZ, an NUS undergrad team, faced off in the final. Both teams started strongly; however, the talented and younger NUS EKZ showed more stamina than their French counterparts, building up a lead that SocGen could not close. In an equally exciting third place game, NTUC Income and the NUS undergraduate team FC Lightning Strike played to a draw, bringing about a penalty shootout to determine the winner. The whole crowd circled around Pitch 2 to watch the nail-biting spectacle. NTUC Income emerged the victors after Lightning Strike missed their final shot.

Thanks to smooth organization, great officiating, good sportsmanship, and a tasty catered lunch provided by Amici, the tournament proved to be a resounding success. We would like to thank all teams for their participation and the following organisations:

1)NUS Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy for their strong support for our event;

2)Red Trees for sponsoring t-shirts for each team;

3)The Terrace: Fruits and Juices for providing us with bananas for the event;

4)Amici for sponsoring 50% of the costs of the food and;

5)Public Utilities Board for giving us bottled water to quench our thirst.

nus mba futsal fury 2010

See you all next year, rain or shine!

Please click here for more photos of Futsal Fury 2010

Adam James Reinhardt
NUS MBA Student, Class of 2011
Social Impact Club

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