Part-Time MBA Alumnus Celena Yew shares her student experience with Anuprita Bhomick

Alumnus Celena Yew talks about juggling work and studies for a part-time MBA, skill-sets she honed in the programme, and her Singapore experience.

“If I ever started my own company, Celena Yew is someone I would hire in a heartbeat. Incredible work ethics, single-minded focus and a very sharp, analytical mind combined with a humility that is so hard to see in today’s world. She is one of the best gifts that the NUS MBA experience has given me. I have been lucky to have Celena as a group member in almost every one of the classes we took together during our MBA and we’ve cemented a friendship that comes along once in a lifetime. During her recent visit to Singapore, I spent some time talking to her about her MBA experience and her life beyond the classroom. Celena now lives near Los Angeles, with her husband Henry (who she met at the NUS MBA) and their lovely daughter, Erika” – Anuprita Bhomick

AB: What made you pick NUS MBA?
CY: Reputation of the school, location (in Asia), reasonable tuition fees and availability of a part-time program that enabled me to work and study at the same time.

AB: Reflections on who you were prior to MBA?

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Branding as Recipe for the Future Success of Asian Businesses

Author of “Asian Brand Strategy” Martin Roll gave a presentation on Branding in Asia at NUS Business School on 5 April 2010.

On Monday (05 April), the NUS MBA Marketing Club welcomed Martin Roll, a business and brand strategist, for a presentation about “Business & Brand Leadership” in the beautiful new Mochtar Riady Building. Martin (INSEAD MBA alumnus) is a thought-leader on value creation through brand equity and the author of the book Asian Brand Strategy which was named one of the “Best Business Books 2006” by Strategy+Business magazine.

In an inspiring and interactive session, Martin started his talk by asking the participants to name leading Asian brands. After several minutes of discussion, the 45-strong group of full-time MBA students, faculty members and guests from the corporate world agreed that there are only a few leading global Asian brands – if we exclude Japanese brands as well as some brands from South Korea such as Samsung and LG.

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Futsal Fury 2010

NUS MBA student Adam James Reinhardt blogs about the highly-anticipated 2nd annual NUS Fustal Frenzy tournament. 

nus futsal frenzy 2010

Not even driving rain could curb the enthusiasm of the more than 100 participants who came to NUS for the 2nd Annual Futsal Frenzy tournament on 10 April 2010. Twelve teams signed up for the tournament, which featured small-sided soccer games played on the Sports and Recreation Center’s Handball courts. Corporate teams from NTUC Income, Société Général, Panasonic Semiconductors and People’s Association joined student teams from the Marketing Institute of Singapore, the Nanyang MBA, and the NUS MBA to raise money for the Kids Inclusive Club of the Singapore Disability Sports Council. Two NUS undergraduate teams and one NUS faculty team also joined in the fun. In the end, the teams contributed a total of S$ 2,156 for charity!

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CONSULTANT UNPLUGGED 2010 – A Confluence of Ideas

consultant unplugged nus mba career

Lee Pak Kiong from the Consulting Club talks about their flagship event of the year, Consultant Unplugged 2010. 

“This is going to be a busy day.” I was talking to Caleb from the MBA office after picking up some things from him. It was the afternoon of 17th March 2010, the day the MBA consulting club’s flagship event was held. Consultant Unplugged, as the event is called, is the Consulting Club’s main event this year and there have been active preparations for it in the past few months. Indeed, today will be the busy day where all these preparations will turn to fruition.

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Celebrating Cerebration

cerebration case competition 2010

Cerebration Case Competition. 

Organization Span: 8 months. 

Annual Participation: About 500 teams from over a 100 business schools across the world.

Arguably one of the biggest business case competitions in the world. Probably one of the few B-school competitions of this scale driven entirely by the students. Definitely the biggest event organised by NUS MBA students.

Each year a few dedicated individuals take up the herculean task of continuing this great tradition started in 2005 by NUS MBA students. I had never heard of Cerebration before I came to NUS. But then I hadn’t heard of much else of the MBA world either; so as I sat there listening to the Cerebration 2009 orientation in my first semester I could not understand what the big fuss was about.

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