Success @ ISB: NUS wins VCIC


nus vcic isb 2010

The team (From left): Alexander Freberg, Shashwat Dhakal, Jayson Huang, Arthur Leung and Yeung Chia Li

Shashwat Dhakal shares his experience of the VCIC tournament, and the joy of victory.

It was sometime in late November, when we all were very busy with many things (an MBA norm), that the MBA office sent out the invitation from ISB to participate in the inaugural Asia VCIC competition. First of all, a quick google on VCIC competition told me that this is not the usual business case competition. Secondly, I started thinking about how to go about building a winning team. While I was thinking about the competition and the probable team, I got a mail from Chia Li offering me a place in a team that he had already made. I looked at the members in the team and I thought to myself, now this looks like a winning team! I immediately signed up and hence the journey started.

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KM Club Event CEO Speak

nus mba knowledge management club -insight infrastructure event

The NUS MBA Knowledge Management club hosted Udhay Mathialagan, Founder and CEO of Insight Infrastructure, Singapore to come talk to the MBA cohort. Mr. Mathialagan has extensive experience in the telecom infrastructure industry and shared his experiences as an entrepreneur and a CEO.

Mr Mathialagan talked about how he started the company and their initial plans for growth.The company constructed many telecom towers in the North-Eastern region of India which is considered a difficult region to do business in primarily because of the lack of infrastructure and adverse socio-political conditions. After successful operation for a couple of years, the company has now been sold off.

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