Colors of HOLI at NUS Business School

NUS MBA students from all of the world had a colourful Holi celebration complete with performances, colours, and good food.

NUS Business School has always had a history of celebrating cultural festivals with great excitement and enjoyment. Holi, the Indian festival of colors, was no exception. The event started off with Mihir Mohite describing the history of this festival and the celebration. Mihir sang “Chalat Musafir” as other members of the cohort pitch in.

Then Rahul and Kapil shook their legs to the very funny lyrics of “Padosan Teri Murgi”. One must say these two members of NUS MBA are becoming quite a dancing pair. Rahul and Kapil were then joined by Neha and Geetali as they performed to a medley of Holi Songs.

After the performance it was time for the event everyone waited for. There were colors of every kind, some of which took days to come off. Everyone joyously immersed themselves in the celebrations and got painted in red, green, blue, pink and what not by their batchmates.

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No Indian celebration is complete without good food. And it was delicious as we ravenously gorged upon the Indian delicacies.

All in all, it was a very memorable event made even more special by the enthusiastic participation of batchmates from other countries as well. Mandy, our classmate who hails from China had this to say:

“It’s my first time to experience such a wonderful ”HOLI CELEBRATION”! The interesting thing is to put pigment on other people’s Hair, Faces, Necks, Arms and Legs! However, my favorite sector is that many Indian Guys Pulled a hesitated and dressed girl to the “Treatment Ground” and pour a whole barrel of Colored Water on her, yes! Colored Water, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Orange~Everyone became crazy as naughty child.

I like this Indian Celebration, Happy Holi Celebration! It’s like a Minority Race celebration in China called “the Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai”. People pour as more water as they could on others. The person who get the most water on is said to be the happiest one for the future year.
Happy Holi! Already looking forward to the next and greater one!”

Kudos to Neha and her team for this fantastic event.

Nirmalya Maitra
NUS MBA Student, Class of 2011

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