Chinese New Year Celebrations at NUS Business School

NUS MBA Chinese New Year Celebrations: Together in Diversity

Two students blog about their Chinese New Year experiences.

This Year of Tiger came early for NUS MBA students. On February 5, the NUS MBA Student Council staged Chinese New Year Celebrations at Munchie Monkey. Chinese New Year marks the start of new year on the lunar calendar and the start of spring. Though, it was initially celebrated in mainland China, the dispersion of Chinese descendents around the globe now mean that this festival is then celebrated all over the world. Hence, this year Spring Festival in NUS also celebrated diversity. Students from other countries such as Canada, India, Indonesia, Korea, and the Philippines to name the few were being involved with the celebration. We had good food, good entertainment, and most importantly good company… After all, the gist of Chinese New Year celebration is indeed togetherness.

Neda Tanaga
NUS MBA Student, Class of 2011

Every family in China celebrate Chinese Spring Festival,called “Chun Jie” in Chinese. “Chun” means spring season promising a fruitful year, and “Jie” stands for festival.

Chinese New Year celebration at the NUS Business School organized by the NUS MBA students Council on 9th Feb was a fantastic experience. Students from all over the world enjoyed famous Chinese Food and appreciated many colorful performances, such as the Lion Dance which is believed to be able to dispel evil and protect people from danger, and also a kind of Chinese Opera performance called “Huang Mei Xi” and so on.

People in celebration felt that they enjoyed the Spring festival with their own family. Greeting and wishing “Gong Xi Fa Cai” predicts a proper New Year for all people in the celebration.

Huang Mandy Jingjing
NUS MBA Student, Class of 2011

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