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What MBA student activities demand quick decision-making, intense teamwork and thorough execution? With paintball, NUS students started the new year with a bang!

Last January 31, 2010, twenty eight NUS MBA students participated in a school-sponsored activity that demanded quick decision-making, intense teamwork and thorough execution. No, it was not your usual business case competition or career services workshop, it was something, let’s say, more life threatening. It was Paintball – a game where teams would shoot down targets (and of course, each other) with dye-filled gelatinous bullets known as paintballs.

The activity, which  was organized by members of the NUS MBA Sports Club (Byun Sang Jin and the guy who had too much free time to write this article), was held at TAG Paintball at Turf City, Singapore. The games started at 12 pm but before that, each participant was asked to accomplish a waiver form to “sign his/her life away”. Of course, helmets and vests were provided to ensure safety and to make shooting other people with paintballs less unsettling and more fun!

The participants, which belonged to the MBA 2008 and 2009 cohorts and the exchange programs, were divided into four teams. Two teams were on the field during each game, and the mission for each team was to shoot down two targets on the opponent’s side and then be the first team to bring back an ammo box to home base while all hell was breaking loose. All-in-all, seven games were played. Apparently, the team that won the most games was the one that had the most students from the 2008 cohort (not sure if this is statistically significant). In the end, the paintball activity provided an avenue for teambuilding and camaraderie among the cohort members. Each team had to strategize, work together, and motivate one another to accomplish their mission. Except for a few bruises and scratches, all participants came out alive and had fun but seriously needed a bath afterwards (hey, it was a sunny day). Surely, the activity was a good way to kick off the Student Council’s activities for the year.

Roland Lim
NUS MBA Student, Class of 2011


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