The year gone by…

Thanks to a chance discovery by Dr. Lalit, the fact that I blogged had reached NUS before I had. Whatever he had to say at the time must have been something good, for soon after our orientation, I was approached by one of our seniors & then Editor of the Buzz.

He asked me to write a one pager for OBS and I happily obliged. Writing was a passion and as far as I was concerned, this was going to be my 2 cents contribution to the NUS MBA community and the blog; and the only extra-curricular activity I would do in the next 17 months. If there ever was a bigger misconception!

Before I knew what hit me, it was December, the new Council had taken over, and I found myself as the de-facto editor of the buzz. My qualifications for the post of Editor: 3 articles that I had written until then. Naah! I guess it was just that no one else wanted to do it. And no one asked me if I did!

My transition meeting was short and sweet.

“It’s a tough job because people just don’t write. Nobody’s interested in this blog”

CRASH! I could hear my hopes, of winning the “Student Editor of the Year” award amidst a thunderous applause, falling down the staircase from the canteen all the way to the HSSML Library. If nobody wants to read it, and nobody wants to write it, then why on earth do you need an editor for it….why not just shut it down…Would have been the natural question to ask. But alas my slow brain! [No wonder I never get those case interviews right!]. Instead a brilliant idea revealed itself to me. That I will do my best to keep it alive and kicking!

What a piece of sheer genius you may say! For I used to be a writer, I knew nothing being an editor. That too, when there was no writing team or set pattern of things to be written. I really had no clue how to get others to write or what to ask them to write. I did not have a plan. Did not know if I could even make one, and even if I did, what will be my end deliverable? What was I planning for?

And hence started my long and seemingly endless journey of scouting of bloggers, keeping a tab on every possible event that was interesting enough to be covered on the blog and following up with people endlessly to cover it.

I had a few simple rules and targets. I coaxed, encouraged, nagged [urrmm yes!] people to write. I got exchange students, Cerebration finalists and even alumni to start writing for the blog. Some people wrote it just for fun, and some as personal favors. My favorite and most memorable bloggers however: Alex and Ruhaini.

Alex, the only voluntary blogger I had in the entire 1 year. And Ruhaini, who had laughed heartily before agreeing to write. I think she took pity on me. And thank God to her for that, no one else was ready to cover that event! 😛

But it was all fun. I made many new friends with people I wouldn’t have otherwise known that well. I got many names, the nice ones that I actually heard: “Blog girl” , “article girl” , “write-up girl” and most recently “Ms. Buzz”. The not so nice ones, may be some of my peeved writers would share 😉

I remember walking through the corridor one afternoon and asking everyone I met to write for the blog. On second thoughts that might have been a nightmare I remember. And I must been running around NUS Business School, screaming for bloggers! 😛

A year later, with many new friends, many new names and many memories that I will cherish for a lifetime I think all the effort was totally worth it. And with hits increasing from 5000 to close to 18,500 in 1 year, followers from 4 to 28; many new Search & RSS features and the highest number of write ups on this blog, I think the blog is now definitely out of the “Nobody cares” segment.

As for my own writing, I am very good at writing emails now you see! 😛

Now in my last write up as the Editor, I thank my numerous bloggers, from NUS MBA and other schools. Without them, I definitely would have had nothing to write in this address today. And I wish Mihir, the new editor, Vice President – NUS MBA Student Council 2010, all the very best for this unique, sometime funny sometimes frustating.. but always cherishable journey!

And all I have to say to you, dear faithful readers, is that this is a very interesting blog to read & write; to keep memories of our MBA alive, to get a peek into the latest @ NUS MBA, to leave your own stamp on the history of NUS MBA pages as a writer.

Be a part of the Buzz community..write for the Buzz, it’s a fun place to be!! 🙂

Keep Buzzzing!!

Shipra Gupta
Former Editor- NUSMBABUZZ
Class of 2010 

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