The year gone by…

Thanks to a chance discovery by Dr. Lalit, the fact that I blogged had reached NUS before I had. Whatever he had to say at the time must have been something good, for soon after our orientation, I was approached by one of our seniors & then Editor of the Buzz.

He asked me to write a one pager for OBS and I happily obliged. Writing was a passion and as far as I was concerned, this was going to be my 2 cents contribution to the NUS MBA community and the blog; and the only extra-curricular activity I would do in the next 17 months. If there ever was a bigger misconception!

Before I knew what hit me, it was December, the new Council had taken over, and I found myself as the de-facto editor of the buzz. My qualifications for the post of Editor: 3 articles that I had written until then. Naah! I guess it was just that no one else wanted to do it. And no one asked me if I did!

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