Cerebration 2010 – Asia’s Global Business Challenge

Cerebration Case Competition 2010 saw three leading organizations with unique business challenges seeking innovative expansion plans! One common mission: to tap the best MBA talent of the world. Welcome to the Largest Business Plan Competition in the world…

Welcome to Cerebration 2010!

With close to 500 registrations from 115 Universities across 30 different countries, Cerebration 2009 was a remarkable achievement by the MBA students of NUS Business School. Cerebration has built a reputation for itself in the business school community, the world over and is now looked upon as a benchmark for all such events around the world. In its sixth year since inception, Cerebration now aims to elevate itself to the next higher orbit.

Traditionally Cerebration has focused on the international expansion plans of Singaporean SMEs. However with 5 years of experience of organizing Cerebration on a global scale, we believed it was time that Cerebration started benefiting global organizations. This would align Cerebration with NUS Business School’s vision as Asia’s Global Business School. This strategic shift has seen Cerebration associating with some of the biggest brands in their respective industries globally. With brands such as BP, Lenovo and Vestas supporting Cerebration 2010 and sponsoring the cases, the cases this time are far more interesting and challenging. Focusing on Energy, Environment and Technology, these cases represent some of the most contemporary challenges faced by businesses worldwide.

Having associated with some of the major global brands, Cerebration is all set to move to the next level. We are experiencing tremendous enthusiasm in terms of participation from teams around the world and expect to far exceed last year’s registrations count of 500. Cerebration 2010 also has a superior planned media coverage spanning the entire ASEAN region and even beyond. We are already in process of working out partnerships with potential media partners for both print and electronic media coverage. We are also working out a partnership with potential knowledge partners to raise the overall quality of the competition.

We hope that Cerebration in its new avatar will be an exciting journey for the participants, sponsors and the organizers. We welcome all of you to Cerebration 2010 – Asia’s Global Business Challenge and wish that this biggest battle of mind, matter and mettle proves to be a memorable experience for all of you.

Best Regards,

Abhishek Prakash 
CO-Lead – Cerebration 2010

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