MBA Table Tennis Tournament

Arthur Leung reports on the results of the NUS MBA Sports Club’s Table Tennis Tournament 2009.
The NUS MBA Sports Club continues to provide great sporting events, this time by holding the MBA Table Tennis tournament on Sunday, October 18th. The event had a great turnout as more than 20 students from both the first and second year came together to interact and compete in good spirit.

It was very exciting to see the high level of play throughout the tournament. The action was intense as our MBA cohort has highly skilled players competing in each of the categories: men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles. In the end, the winners came out and took their well deserved spots on top of the winners’ podium.

The event was a success and once again allowed MBA students to take a break from their busy academic lives, and come together to connect and mingle in an informal setting.

The club would like to thank all student participants and congratulate the winners once again. Special thanks to Eesh & Sitanshu for organizing the event.

Arthur Leung 
Class of 2011

Tournament Winners

Women’s Doubles

Winners – Swanzel & Lin Jun

Runners Up- Hima & Geetali

Men’s Doubles
Winners – Mayank & Lokesh

Runners Up- Eesh & Jaimin

Mixed Doubles

Winners – Hima & Eesh

Runners Up – He Yue & Naeemuddin

Men’s Singles

Winners – Eesh

Runners Up – Wang Jianqiang

Women’s Singles

Winners – Lin Jun

Runners Up – Swanzel

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