MBA Badminton Tournament 2009

NUS MBA badminton 2009

NUS MBA Badminton Tournament 2009 was held on 6th September, 9 am to 1 pm @ MPSH 5.

Sports have always been an integral part of NUS Campus life, and a way for students across batches to interact. Badminton is a game which most of us would have played as either a serious sport or for fun. The MBA Badminton Tournament 2009 organised on 6th September was a creative way of getting students from different batches to come interact away from academics and bond. It was first such event for the students from the new batch.

The day started with chances of the event’s occurrence being jeopardised by the unreliable Singapore weather. Heavy rains in the morning reduced the organisers’ expectations of the number of participants for the event. Surprisingly, many students came to the tournament, including 50 participants who registered for the event, and people who came to cheer for friends and classmates. 6 courts had been booked for the event at the Multi Purpose Sports Hall and the tournament started by 10 am. The matches were held simultaneously across different categories. (Women’s singles & doubles, men’s singles & doubles and mixed doubles)

There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm both on and off the courts, with participants sweating it out on the courts and the audience cheering them on. The competition in the matches was immense and the matches took longer as the players/teams progressed further. The complete tournament lasted for 5 hours before the winners for different categories were decided. The prize distribution was after the tournament with Caleb giving away medals to the winners followed by a photo session. The winners of each category were:

· Men’s Singles – Arthur Leung (MBA Year1)
· Men’s Doubles – Chai Li Yeung / Arthur Leung (MBA Year 1)
· Women’s Singles – Wai-Lene Leong (S3 Asia MBA, Year 2)
· Women’s Doubles – Lin Jun / Swanzel Rautela (MBA Year 2)
· Mixed Doubles – Rajas Karandikar / Hima Bindu Rudraraju (MBA Year 1)

Thanks to the MBA office for their support and to the NUS MBA Sports Club for their efforts for organizing the tournament, giving the students a break from the strains of school, and an opportunity for fun and to make new friends.

Hima Bindu
Class of 2011

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