NUS MBA Orientation – Outward Bound Singapore

nus mba orientation 2009 obs

The NUS MBA Orientation 2009 was held over 2 days at Outward Bound School, Pulau Ubin.

It is all too well known that team building exercises are the best way to break ice and to get people to know each other in an informal setup. It is no surprise hence that the teams that work together accomplishing so many tasks during such outbound trips, end up becoming very close knit groups. This is the reason I love outbound trips; they let me make new friends; and fast. The NUS outbound trip to Pulau Ubin was no exception. In fact, this trip taught me a few lessons that make me cherish this experience even more.

We began our “sojourn” by understanding that each one of us is unique and therefore has a preferred way of dealing with things and people. This understanding was facilitated by a session on MBTI personality assessment. This was a great beginning as it made us more sensitive to those who could be diametrically opposite in views and opinions – a crucial aspect to the success of the team.

nus mba orientation 2009

Then we were divided into groups for the rock-climbing activity. This involved one person literally scaling the heights as the rest of the team ensured that the climber went up and came back down safely. The exciting part was when the climber had to accomplish a tightrope walk at 40 feet in the air! With the whole team cheering from below, all of us, in turns, were able to complete this seemingly impossible task. Rock solid team spirit such as that, with the people we barely knew; made me believe that there is no limit to what can be achieved as long as we try hard enough! This experience was a fitting testimony to the spirit of teamwork!

The whole atmosphere at Pulau Bin was quite pristine without the distractions of mobile phones, computers, deadlines, assignments, cases, etc. It was more like a back-to-the-basics experience that helped us look at things from a different perspective. Especially when we had to prepare ourselves for the grand finale of the outbound trip – i.e. build our own boats to sail into the ocean to reclaim NUS flags!

nus mba orientation 2009

The Grand Finale brought out the glowing spirit of teamwork in the entire cohort. Each one of us had to venture beyond our limits and do our bit to ensure that our cohort earned enough points to buy the equipment needed to build the boat. And finally our construction team with their superior engineering skills built strong boats that carried the whole cohort into the ocean and returned back safe with NUS flags flying high!

Everyone wholeheartedly supporting and encouraging each other and working towards a common goal of taking the team to success, made me feel like I had belonged in that setup for many years now and not just two days!

The outbound trip brought out the best of team spirit in each one of us. During those two days, we networked, befriended, laughed, sweated, strategized, overcame, and at the end of it all, came out as one team…the NUS MBA team!

NUS S3Asia MBA Student, Class of 2011

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