Welcome – NUS MBA Class of 2011!!

Srinivasa Varadhan, President of the NUS MBA Student Council, extends warm greetings to the incoming class of students.

It is with pleasure that I welcome you all to the NUS MBA Programme on behalf of the NUS MBA Community. I am Srinivasa Varadhan, President of the NUS MBA Student Council, and would like to give you a peek into the School, the people and the experience, which all await you so eagerly; a peek into the 17 month long roller coaster ride you are about to begin!

The Program
Split across semesters, the First semester quite often seems the most challenging, particularly for those after a long break from their past academic endeavors. The interesting challenge however, is not across academics, but in getting “settled as a student”. While this experience evokes emotions ranging from shock to exhilaration, everything depends on how quickly you manage to settle with the reality that your “time as a student” has started again! This 4-month long semester is the best training ground, not only for everything that will ever be required from you by the MBA program; but also and perhaps more importantly, for managing prolonged stressful periods of time.

The People
Students: the students form a close knit community which is, at the moment, waiting enthusiastically to meet you all. Let me assure you that we will provide all our support and help to you in whatever ways required, now and in the future. A large factor of a successful MBA programme will be your ability in effectively engaging with the senior batch, and in getting to know as many people as possible.

NUS MBA Student Council: This is an entirely student run body that represents the entire NUS MBA student fraternity. The Council comprises of professional clubs (Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Social Impact, Knowledge Management and Sports) and also departments for student welfare (Programme Development, Student Activities, Career Services, Communication & PR, Finance & Admin). This team will be closely working with you for all the activities through the semester and we earnestly look forward to your active participation and engagement with the Council.

MBA Office: A cluster of very vibrant, caring and efficient teams, the MBA office is the major source of support, guidance and mentorship. All the student & Council initiatives receive strong support from the MBA Office. Whether it’s a personal problem or a career issue, the teams are always there, with a smile!

The School

Sprawled over a hill amidst lush greenery, the business school is an example of brilliant architecture that combines airy corridors, scenic views & water fountains with state-of-the-art computer labs, lecture theatres and a highly modernized very well-equipped library. The building with its numerous seating areas, each offering a different but equally beautiful view, adds immensely to the whole MBA experience. And of course, the new Mochtar Riady building that is currently underway and that shall be inaugurated by your batch next January, will be another feather in the NUS Campus cap.

The Alumni

Well!! This is a huge team – and each one of them is as eager to be a part of the School as you are. The NUS MBA alumni are a great source of strength and support to all of us, ready to help us out in any endeavor and experience. I am sure that all of you will also benefit immensely from this wonderful relationship and will continue to strengthen it further.

The University

One of the inimitable advantages of the NUS Business School is the fact that it’s part of a 100 year old globally renowned, premier university. The National University of Singapore forges alliances with top leading universities across the globe, and offers students access to endless learning opportunities in diverse areas of interest. With close proximity to other schools of the University viz, School of Science, Arts, Engineering, Computing etc. the students have the wonderful opportunity to widen their experiential learning opportunities, and to meet a very diverse set of professors and students. Also, upon graduation, you also become the proud alumni of NUS, the benefits of which will be many and far reaching.

All these and many more are to be explored & experienced by you all, as individuals and as a batch – that would forever be proudly known as the Class of 2011! While the Business School and the University are eagerly looking forward to welcoming the next batch of students, we are sure that this would be a fascinating journey – to forge long standing relationships, that will be cherished for years to come.

With this, I would like to once again extend a warm welcome – and to join us in this ride!

With Warm Wishes,
And on Behalf of the NUS MBA Students & the NUS MBA Student Council,

K. Srinivasa Varadhan
President – NUS MBA Student Council

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