Welcome – NUS MBA Class of 2011!!

Srinivasa Varadhan, President of the NUS MBA Student Council, extends warm greetings to the incoming class of students.

It is with pleasure that I welcome you all to the NUS MBA Programme on behalf of the NUS MBA Community. I am Srinivasa Varadhan, President of the NUS MBA Student Council, and would like to give you a peek into the School, the people and the experience, which all await you so eagerly; a peek into the 17 month long roller coaster ride you are about to begin!

The Program
Split across semesters, the First semester quite often seems the most challenging, particularly for those after a long break from their past academic endeavors. The interesting challenge however, is not across academics, but in getting “settled as a student”. While this experience evokes emotions ranging from shock to exhilaration, everything depends on how quickly you manage to settle with the reality that your “time as a student” has started again! This 4-month long semester is the best training ground, not only for everything that will ever be required from you by the MBA program; but also and perhaps more importantly, for managing prolonged stressful periods of time.

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