Thammasat Global Social Venture Competition

From Left: Megha Mittal- NUS MBA; Kishore Moorjaani-Managing Partner, Credit Asia Capital; Yash Chandra-NUS MBA

Megha Mittal and Yash Chandra participated in  the South East regional round of the Global Social Venture Competition, emerging among the 12 finalist teams.

Whenever society is stuck or has an opportunity to seize a new opportunity, it needs an entrepreneur to see the opportunity and then to turn that vision into a realistic idea and then a reality and then, indeed, the new pattern all across society.” – Bill Drayton

This was the focal point of Thammasat-hosted Global Social Venture Competition, the Global round being hosted by UC Berkley, Haas School of Business. We participated in the South East regional round. Our team was amongst the 12 finalist teams, all with different ideas dealing with the Social ventures. Our team was the first one to make it to the finalists from NUS Business School.

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