Cerebration 2009 – The Finalists Speak

cerebration 2009

Team: NYU-Stern-NJ

Participants: Artem Boltyenkov , Arpit Sharma and Samir Varma

Institute: L. N. Stern School of Business, New York University

“Cerebration 2009”, as rightly said, is the biggest battle of minds. Six very talented teams out of five hundreds from top esteemed business schools from all over the world are invited to Singapore to compete for the top spot. The teams are intellectually challenged to augment the global dreams of the three Asian companies headquartered in Singapore by providing recommendations on growth opportunities.

The competition provides an awesome experience which is very close to a real consulting assignment. As soon as our flight to Singapore took off, we started working and reworking on the slides for the presentation. On reaching Singapore each team was pleasantly greeted by their team buddy whose purpose was to make the team’s stay as comfortable as it could be. We got a wonderful taste of the hospitality of Team Cerebration which was truly impeccable and one of the highlights of the competition.

The next day at semi finals, we competed head-on with the team from HEC Montreal, who had worked on the same case as us. Our team presented to the panel of judges that consisted not only of professors from NUS but also of executives from the company we were analyzing. The executives gave us new insights about the company which required us to change directions and also led us to remodel our presentation for the finale scheduled for the next day.

The Grand Finale was a different ball game and attracted an overwhelming number of 200 guests and a power-packed panel of ten distinguished judges from the Singapore Corporate world. The presence of so many dignitaries was inspiring and made the competition more intense and realistic as they questioned every recommendation we made for feasibility and realism.

Finally after the strenuous Q&A session, our hard work was rewarded and our joys reached limits when the results were announced and we learnt that we grabbed the 2nd spot in the Finals, the only team of Part Time students to get that far. The grueling days were well balanced with fun filled parties hosted in the night by the Cerebration team. This made the entire experience even more pleasant and memorable.

“Cerebration 2009” will be one of the highlights of our MBA programme. The experience was very rewarding and provided a great stage for learning that could not have been paralleled by any classroom setting. I would encourage every student who wants to make a career in Management Consulting to participate in this event which was truly a “Cerebration”.

Artem Boltyenkov , Arpit Sharma and Samir Varma
L. N. Stern School of Business, New York University

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