Futsal Fury 2009

Jointly organised by NUS MBA Social Impact and Sports Clubs, Futsal Fury 2009 saw teams from INSEAD and GE as finalists in a fundraising futsal match.

It was a crisp “Valentine’s Day” Saturday morning on February 14, 2009; but for the team of NUS MBA Social Impact Club, it was more than just Valentine’s day – it was a day when the club was going to host an event that would make a difference in some people’s lives. This event was a fund-raiser for a local Singapore hospital that serves patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Rewind to September 2008 when the idea of having a fund-raising event was first conceptualized by the core committee members of the Club before the Club’s launch. The seed that was sown in September 2008 finally germinated in January 2009 when we actually started planning the event. We wanted to organize something that was popular as well as exciting enough for groups or teams to participate. That’s when we decided that ‘Futsal’ was a game that fit perfectly in our scheme of things and “Futsal Fury” was born. Given the nature of the event, the NUS MBA Sports Club was a natural choice for our organizing partner.

The idea was to have teams from Corporates, NUS alumni, and various business schools. However, budget and time were our key constraints. A chance meeting with a Senior Manager from the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (CSEP) at NUS came to our rescue and everything fell in place – the self-funded PCC was the perfect match as a beneficiary of the event.

With CSEP behind us, the SI team surged ahead with zest and enthusiasm. Armed with a snazzy flier and lists of personal corporate contacts, we set the ball rolling. By February 12th, we had a total of 12 teams: 5 from corporates, 2 from the NUS alumni, 2 from INSEAD and 3 from the NUS MBA students.

On the D-day, a couple of student volunteers from the patient care center set up a counter to sell roses and crystal angels made by HIV & AIDS patients. By 8.30 am, the teams started arriving to register. The atmosphere was lively with colourful balloons and peppy music playing in the background as the players were changing into their futsal jerseys and warming up on the field with their teams – the air was laden with positive energy and vigour.

By 9.30 am, 4 teams were playing their first match of the tournament. All teams played very competitively and there were some bruises and sprains along the way. The team from INSEAD turned out to be the star performers and gave a tough fight to every team they played with. The excitement in the air kept building up as Team INSEAD (June 2009) and Team GE headed into the finals.

The finals of Futsal Fury commenced at 1 pm. Team INSEAD were in control of the game right from the start. Team GE put up a good fight but the opposition was too strong for them. Team INSEAD won the finals convincingly with a score of 4-0. This was followed by some group photographs, excited chatter and the prize distribution ceremony by our Guest of Honor, Prof. Albert Teo. There was lots of cheering and applause during the ceremony and many pictures were taken to capture the moments of victory.

The event was hugely popular and we managed to raise a decent sum for donations. As the first major event by the newest club in the NUS MBA program, it was a huge achievement for the SI club and this became even more evident when we were approached to organise a similar fund raiser for the PCC.

It had been a lot of hard work for the whole team and a race against time right from the word “go”; but in the end it was all worth it.

Dr. Vikram Jaisanghani
President, NUS MBA Social Impact Club
Class of 2010

In the photo:

Standing: Caleb, Prof. Albert Teo, 1st runners-up: Team GE (light blue), Futsal Fury Champions: Team INSEAD (June,2009 in white).
Sitting: Suraj, Bilal (President, Sports Club), Pavithra, Muthuraman, Kathrin (executive committee members, SI Club), Dr. Vikram (President, SI Club) & Vivian.

From the editor: The event was also recently covered in a local newspaper.

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