Consultant Unplugged 2009

President of the NUS MBA Consulting Club, Shipra Gupta talks about the process of planning the club’s flagship event. 

On March 19, 2009 at 2:30 am, as I finally flopped on my bed, and in the 2 seconds before I fell asleep, all I could remember were Srikanth’s words, “Just make sure you hold Consultant Unplugged”.

The day was Dec 6, 2008. I wasn’t even a month old as the Club President when at the annual ART dinner, one of our alumnus, Srikanth Sridharan caught hold of me and Srinivasa, our student council President, and told both of us that we must hold “Consultant Unplugged”. Our outgoing ex-co had said the same thing and I of course agreed. I hadn’t even planned the event calendar for the year and I was going home for a month. So I made a note at the back of my head and promptly forgot about it. Back in January, I started planning the events, and thinking about Consultant Unplugged. After much deliberation and consultation, we, the club ex-co, decided on March end. We had 3 months to plan, but no idea what we were in for.

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