MBA Fried Noodles & Student Diversity

Visiting University of South Carolina student Adrian Rusu talks about student diversity, in the context of an NUS MBA-style barbeque organised by the MBA Student Council.

Typical Singapore evening, temperature between 25C and 29C, clear sky and relaxed Sunday evening feel; this is how the BBQ party started. Ten, fifteen, twenty-five and before we knew it, more than 40 people showed up. One could only try to count all the nationalities that were represented at the party, covering most Asian regions, part of Europe, but North and South America as well. This is the type of diversity that a visiting student finds at NUS.

Because of this diversity, it is common to have vegetarian and non-vegetarian food as well, generally kept separately on two different grills; giving both vegetarians and carnivores their privacy. The MBA Student Council, in charge of putting this event together, took care of everything very well before we arrived there. By the time guests started to come over, all the food was there, together with punch (yeah, no alcohol one might say, but we were on campus!), coa and all the requirements for a good barbecue, including human capital 😉 As MBAs with impressive resumes, the NUS students cooked a very good dinner as well; an additional qualification to put on their resumes perhaps! Specialties included NUS style chicken wings, MBA fried noodles [sounds cooler than just fried noodles 😉 ] and hot potato bombs in aluminum wrap; imported chicken, mutton (nothing is made in Singapore, right? Haven’t seen any sheep or chicken in the CBD area lately 😀 ) and a type of crazy fish in bamboo wrap, probably sent from a competitor MBA school in Singapore, who wanted to do a market research project…just kidding!!

It was a great opportunity for the students to catch up with each other on their classes, work, likes and dislikes, take lots of pictures or advertise their latest travel plans in South East Asia. No projects, school papers or any official business was conducted, leaving the crowd relaxed and happy to have had a good meal with good friends.

nus mba student activities barbeque

This event came to enhance yet again the good care that the NUS MBA gives to all the exchange students every semester. So, my question to the NUS MBA is why don’t we make this a once a week event? Can, can lah… 🙂

Adrian Rusu 
MBA Exchange Student 
University of South Carolina 
Class of 2009 

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