Oktoberfest – NUS MBA style!!!

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Current and graduating batches of NUS MBA students joined the alumni for a fun-filled Oktoberfest celebration 2008.

I just realised that our blog hasnt been updated since the I-Day 20-sept, which, in MBA years translates to approximately 3.78314 light years.

So I was just wondering why no one has yet written anything on one of the most fun event of the year… the Oktoberfest. For the less enlightened ones [now that I know, I am entitled to condescend 😉 ] …. Oktoberfest is a German annual festival held in the late-September — early-October period. Traditionally this is a 16-day festival, but of course in MBA, one evening is all we can ever afford to plan a party for. So a couple of weeks before, we started planning the event. Sparing the readers all the pain staking details, the event was finally arranged for the evening of Sept 16 in Vivocity. Primarily organized by the NUS MBA Alumni Relations Team, the invitees were the current batch, the graduating batch and of course, the alumni.


As a member of the organizing committee, I was supposed to reach half an hour before to help out. Only they didn’t know my uncanny ability of getting the directions wrong. So when I finally did reach, about an hour later..I was stunned to see the turnout. The place was teeming with people, the hotel staff was dressed in traditional dirndls and lederhosens, swerving around the crowd, serving delicious Schweinsbraten(roast pork), Weisswurst(a white sausage) & Würstel (sausages) among a host of other dishes. German music was playing in the background by a band , live. And I almost forgot to mention, there was Beer. Loads of it. 😀 Florence, Catherine and other ART members had their hands full trying to attend to all guests. Catherine, our only German friend in the ART, of course was exceptionally busy giving people crash courses in German. ;D

It was a great opportunity for all of us to take an evening off from our hectic lives, forget about our daily worries and completely de-stress. It was also a great time for the current students to meet their alumni and other part time students, for alumni to reconnect with their alma-mater, and their old batchmates, and for the current & graduating students, full time and part time, to meet all of our classmates & friends we don’t normally see due to differing schedules.

Lots of great people, great food, lots of beer and great music. What more could you ask for?! I know..chicken dance! A long chain of people swerving around the restuarant performing the steps of the famous chicken dance…. guests led by the band members as the onlookers wondered, more and more joining in with every turn! We swirled and clapped and swirled and clapped till our heads spun. Or was it the beer taking effect? umm..I wouldn’t really vouch for an answer to that one, but this one dance did infuse new vigor into the party. The dancing went on for a very long time after that, with the band tirelessly playing one song after the other cheering the crowd to not stop.

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In retrospect, it was a different kind of learning altogether..one that could never happen “too-often” 😉

Shipra Gupta 
Class of 2010

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