Singapore’s role in Sustainable Development – a thought provoking discussion

The 2008 Distinguished Alumni Business Leaders Forum was a success which provided much insights on Sustainable Development and Singapore’s role in it. 

The Distinguished Alumni Business Leaders Forum held on 22nd January 2008 was a successful thought-provoking event. The topic, Sustainable Development: What roles can Singapore play in the region and the world, was interesting enough to attract a diverse crowd including students, alumni, faculty and business fraternity from all over Singapore. The afternoon got off to an exciting start with a keynote address from Dr. Kenny Tang, Founder and CEO of Oxbridge Climate Capital. With his vast experience and invaluable knowledge, the man known as ‘Asia’s Al Gore’ kept the entire audience glued to his speech that covered a range of topics including the important need for alternative sources of energy and the lucrative business opportunity that exists within this space. His comments on the “War on Global Warming” got everyone thinking about this phase where one could see a great opportunity amidst a daunting challenge that needed to be addressed.

Dr. Tang’s keynote address was followed by a panel discussion that addressed a range of issues associated to the topic in discussion. The eminent panel was moderated by Mr. Patrick Chan, Director of Industry Development and Young Business Leaders Forum Secretariat of Singapore Business Federation and also an alumnus of NUS MBA. Mr. Oh Wee Khoon, Managing Director, Sobono Energy Pte Ltd, Mr. Viswa Sadasivan, CEO, Strategic Moves Pte Ltd, Mr. CK Chang, Director of Asia Pacific Petroleum Associates and Senior Technical & Strategy Advisor of San Technology Global were the other panel members along with Dr. Kenny Tang himself. The ball was set rolling by Mr. Chan as he introduced the audience to the challenges ahead of Singapore with respect to Sustainable Development. This was followed by each of the panellists giving an overview of their perspective of what lies ahead for Singapore through their own presentations. With that done, the floor was thrown open for discussions and audience participated with all enthusiasm to expand their knowledge on the subject of discussion. Questions ranged all the way from ‘Why would oil companies want to pursue alternate sources of energy when price of crude was shooting through the roof?’ till ‘Why can’t there be adoption innovative marketing methods in order to raise the profile of usage of alternate sources of energy?’ The panellists provided their perspective on all the queries raised from the floor and it was an engaging discussion, as expected.

As always, all good things come to an end and so did the DABLF for the afternoon. It was certainly an afternoon worth remembering for all the information and perspectives shared on a topic that is very relevant in today’s business environment.

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