Diwali – The Festival of Lights

What does an NUS Diwali look like? The NUS MBA Blog celebrates the Festival of Lights 2007.

Diwali was celebrated at NUS on December 10th. We, @ NUS, ensured that it was a celebration not only for the Indians in the cohort, but also for the cohort as a whole. We lit up the room with little deepas, the flame protruding from them flickering in the breeze. Urmila and Gagan, first year MBA students, created a beautiful rangoli in the room. Arindham, another member of our first year student community, recited prayers in Sanskrit. After the pooja, we distributed Prasad and sweets. The experience of explaining about Indian culture to our foreign students was fascinating. They were full of questions – ‘Why lamps? Why so many gods? Why Prasad?’. Honestly, some of their questions made me think as well. It took me back to the basics of our ancient culture.

After the pooja, we got down to the heart of Diwali – Fire-crackers. There were plenty of sparklers in the house. The air was filled with the whistle of sparklers (yes, we had bought whistling sparklers). Personally, I had a great time circling those sparklers in the air. It took me back to 2 places at the same time – India and my childhood.

The celebration culminated with a sumptuous spread of Indian food. I know that I have described a lot on food in my previous blogs. But I have to mention about it here – nothing can be as delicious as home food. And the food served on that day invoked nostalgic memories of home. The aroma and flavour reminded me of the smells of India. And, of course, my exams and holiday break are only a few weeks away. Home seems closer than ever. On that Diwali day, the celebrations we had @ NUS Business School made me fell like I had already reached home.

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