A totally new experience during Exchange

nus mba exchange experience singapore

Johnny Jetjirawat, an NUS MBA exchange student from the University of Southern California, shares his experience at International Day 2009.

International day was a very interesting event for me. I didn’t know what to expect at first. I didn’t even dress up because I thought it was going to be a small party with a few people in their national costumes. It is evident that I was so wrong.

It turned out to be a showcase party of our fellow students. I was impressed with the NUS students, being brave and courageous enough to go up on stage in front of hundreds to show their talents. Even many quiet students in my class were confident and expressive on the big stage. Bravo!!

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One team, one dream

diversity NUS international day 2007

For Colleen Gao Xiang and Du Fei, International Day 2007 was an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the NUS MBA community, and to share a different side of Chinese culture.

NUS is not just a university for me, but a connection of culture, a palace of academy, and a community of smart and ambitious young ladies and gentlemen.

It was always my dream to share the long story of China’s history with my foreign friends… the legend of the Forbidden City, the poems of Tang Dynasty, and the tunes of Peking opera. During the night of International day, on the stage of the Kent Ridge Guild House, my dream was realized… not only by me, but all my Chinese friends in the MBA program. Under the limelight, we used our songs to tell the long history of China, a real China, with an ancient, mysterious, and beautiful culture.

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