Cerebration 2007: A testimony!

See what Tim Hill from Team INSEAD Entrepreneurs, winners of the Cerebration 2007 case competition, had to say about the experience.

As I settled into my seat on the plane back to France, I had to pinch myself to believe it was true. Four days earlier I had arrived in Singapore with very few preconceptions of what to expect of Cerebration 2007. Perhaps the only thing I was sure of was that we were not going to win. I was even wrong about that – to the astonishment of my teammates and I, we won the final, edging out the team from NUS. My thoughts turned to the future and what I would say if the next generation of INSEAD students asked me about the competition and what to expect?

Firstly I would tell them to expect a fabulously well-organized event from start to finish. Cerebration is a far cry from the haphazard “it’ll-be-alright-on-the-night” style of events commonly seen at business schools. This is a serious competition, carefully planned and executed by a team of students who have clearly invested much time and thought in making sure that the event is a success.

Secondly they can expect a tremendously warm and welcoming group of hosts not just in terms of the event organizers but also in terms of the wider NUS community. They can rest assured that they will quickly be made to feel at home and get the chance throughout the four days to meet and engage with a remarkably diverse and stimulating group of fellow students.

Thirdly, they can look forward to a rigorous competition in which they will be put in the spot and challenged by entrepreneurs and case sponsors alike. They will gain real insights into the priorities of successful small or medium-sized enterprises as well as to find out about the exciting different ways other groups tacked the same sorts of business problem.

In summary I would say that the event is a credit to NUS, its students and to the organization team and hopefully an institution that will grow from strength to strength in the future.

Tim Hill 
Team INSEAD Entrepreneurs (Winners Cerebration 2007)
INSEAD Business School 

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