Alumni Reunion @ Bellini

The MBA Alumni Reunion 2007 was a great opportunity for current students to get to know their seniors and alumni amidst a light dinner at Bellini.

The much awaited event of them all, the MBA Alumni Reunion was finally here!! The first networking session of 2007 was held at one of the most happening places in Singapore — St. James Power Station! It was a great opportunity for current students to get to know their seniors and Alumni amidst a light dinner at Bellini. Some came with current colleagues, others contacted friends ahead of time and still others were pleasantly surprised to find old friends there. Everyone made new contacts as they exchanged stories about their current jobs and interests. To a certain extent, the alumni also got a chance to relive good old times, those college days, for one evening!

The evening started on a nostalgic note for the Alumni with a few words from our Vice Dean Prof. Kulwant Singh followed by a few words from Ms Kersein Will, Apex MBA Alumni & Mr. Shankar Meembatt – Alumni Association president. NUS recognizes the value of sharing job experiences, career prospects and news about the industries among students and alumni, in order to prepare students for the transition to professional employment and this was one of the events to that end. The free flow of beer and the tune of jazz kept the spirits up all night, while students and Alumni got to know each other better.

Thanks to the NUS Business School along with the MBA club and MBA Alumni Association who made such a memorable evening possible!!

Anjali Joseph
Class of 2008

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