A new beginning…

Aarti Bhatia talks about the NUS MBA Club elections and celebrating Holi in school. 

Saturday 4th March marked a new beginning of sorts in NUS Business School. Two events were lined up for the day – NUS MBA Face-Off and Holi Celebration. Holi is one of most auspicious day for Hindus and the festival marks the beginning of spring. We, at NUS Business School, celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm and participation. This one was no different. Everything, from food to colors, was authentic and the organizers did a good job of re-creating the festive atmosphere in school.

Before the celebrations, we had an important event in the NUS calendar – to elect the office bearers of NUS MBA Club. It was a nice coincidence to see the event organized on the same day as Holi. The current office bearers are ready to graduate and are hoping to pass the responsibilities to the first years. It is a new beginning for the MBA students. The coming year will bring with it the new and fresh face of MBA Club. We got the chance to hear out the nominees and their mandate. The mandates were quite impressive and detailed. It only goes to show the level of commitment in our students to make a real and tangible difference to our NUS MBA program. It also gave the students the opportunity to hear them and then cast their votes. The nominees stood for the positions of Student Activities, Career Services, Finance & Administration, Program Development and of course the President.

Here wishing all the candidates best of luck. May the most deserving candidate win!!

Aarti Bhatia
Class of 2008

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