Stars Shine Down @ MBA Career Connexions

mba career connexions 2007

Manvendra Upadhyay shares about the MBA Career Connexions, where students had the chance to explore job and internship opportunities with top companies.

The connection between two of the major events that happened last week was “Stars shine down”. First one being the departure of the author, Sidney Sheldon, who wrote the best selling title, and the second being the major networking event organized by the MBA Career Service Office of NUS Business School. The event was aptly named MBA Career Connexions, but it was nothing short of a shine-down of stars of world economy at the South-east Asia’s tallest hotel, Swissôtel The Stamford, which offers panoramic views of Singapore, Indonesia and parts of Malaysia.

The MBA Career Connexions was organized as an informal cocktail reception, giving enough time for major recruiters to reckon the width and depth of NUS MBA Batch. All the stars of world economy were present there who covered all industries like Consultancy, Investment Banks, Financial Giants and IT firms. The event started with a welcome note and introductory remarks by Vice Dean Prof. Kulwant Singh, MBA Director Dr. Nitin Pangarkar and CSO Head Mr. Foo Yuk Meng. Afterwards the recruiters were led to the hall where the bright stars of NUS MBA were waiting to talk to them and explore job and internship opportunities with them.

The students fired a lot of queries and the profundity and knowledge inherent in the questions were very well taken and appreciated by recruiters and they tried their best to satiate the keenness. The list of the guests included Barclays, Singapore Exchange, Lehman, GE Money, Morgan Stanley and GE Corp on one hand and Intel and Dell on the other. The major rivals Red Hat and Microsoft were also present at far corners of hall to woo the talent who might help them better each other. IT and consultancy firms like IBM,, PWC, KPMG, and DPWM were also offering a thrill to students who wanted to make a career in those streams. Other industries like Pharmaceuticals, supply chain, media and leisure also had representation in the form of Deutsche Post, Billcare, GIC, Taj Hotels and Asia Pacific Breweries.

The faculty members and Career Service officials present chatted up with the guests (company representatives) during the event, highlighting the unique aspects of NUS MBA. Drinks and light snacks were served for all the guests and students. Guests were presented with some memorabilia to take with them and remember NUS Business School as one of the best places to look for, whenever they need talent. The format, the place and the setting impressed the recruiters and as the event wrapped up, everybody left with various new Connexions, the main theme of event.

Manvendra Upadhyay
Class of 2006

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