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When the Tata group came to NUS to recruit summer interns, they interviewed our MBAs and BBAs  and offered select students a Tata internship on the spot! — NUS MBA blogger Anupam reports.

It was 27th of October – Tata group, was here in NUS to recruit interns for its upcoming summer internships. They were certainly not the first recruiter who had expressed interest NUS Business School graduates. But unlike most of the earlier ones, they had come prepared to select and offer internships on the very same day. The very idea of being able to get internship with such a reputed company and that too without the long and tedious process of a typical internship was refreshing. And not surprisingly many of our fellow MBA and BBA students were seen outside the interview venue, dressed in impressive business suits and ties, ready to give their best shot.

The proceedings started with an Information Session by high powered Tata group team, who highlighted the diverse industry environment that Tata group operates in and focused on some of the most profitable of the 96 companies that constitute the TATA group today. Some of us who were from India already know how big Tata group is, but it certainly came as an eye opener for the many Non-Indians in the session, who seemed highly impressed by the sheer enormity and diversity of its operations.

Soon the format for selection was conveyed to us, and most of us started to speculate on questions like what the Chairman’s Group Discussion means or what’s going to happen in 2-to-1 interviews. It didn’t take too long for the suspense to unfold, and we were divided into groups of 8 each and each member of the group required to take turns and act as business leader, coordinate with the group (which plays the executive team) to reach crucial solutions on diverse issues ranging from ethical dilemma to attrition.

After having observed 3 groups for an hour each, the verdict finally came and 7 of us out of the 24 who went through the group discussion round got the green signal. Next in the 2-to-1 interview, two members of the high profile Tata team, questioned and grilled us, with the objective of finding the people who fit best in the TATA mould. It was late in the evening when the final four candidates for MBA Summer Internship were announced. Four MBA students Vamsi Reddy (Indian), Anupam Kahol (Indian), Sriram Balasubramanian (Indian) and Norman O’Neill (Canadian) impressed the TATA officials who later presented internship offers for a 10 weeks internship in India, to each of the selected students. Six BBA students were also selected for the internship. We would like to thank the CSO for having arranged the first set of internships for the MBA Class of 2008 and we are sure that more such events will follow.

Anupam Kahol
Class of 2008

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