Golfing the ‘N’ factor – No Way!!

Sushant Sharma blogs about a day at Queenstown Golf Driving Range with the NUS MBA Golf Club.

“You should play it to be in the right circle!!”
“You should play it for Networking!!”

I was sick and tired of listening to these phrases, so I decided to break this ice between me and golf. On a lazy Saturday afternoon when all the assignments, project and cases were due, I decided to join our Golf Club Team initiated by Anurodh, to try my hands with the Clubs.

nus mba golf club

With a small fee of $2 per hr it was a definite value for money. We went to the Queenstown Golf driving range and managed to get the slot on the 1st floor amid heavy duty rush. Fortunately Usman, Karthik, Ravi & Anurodh were there to give me, Abhishek and Vishal some tips to start. With a couple of beers we started our shots and for some strange reason I rocked, crossing the 200 mark at least once (hope some exaggeration is allowed!!). May be it was the Carlsberg effect. Playing for the first time, it came to me naturally as if I will be the next Tiger Woods. After some 4 rounds we all were exhausted and filled with pain. One word of advice, always wear gloves to play this game.

nus mba golf club

All said and done, it’s a game of patience and requires lot of hard work. It isn’t as easy as it seems, you need to know the flick to drive the ball. We even had a small challenge in the group to bring an element of competition, though everyone turned out to be the winner. I just hope to continue this enjoyable sport and learn some tiger tricks!.

About the N Factor… Who cares? That should come naturally!

Sushant Sharma
Class of 2008

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