Diwali – The NUS style

diwali nus mba

Date: Friday, 20th October
Venue: NUS Business School

It was a happening day at the business school. The day began with classes for few unlucky ones, and a lazy morning for lucky others. At around 12, almost everyone was in the college exchanging Diwali wishes. The MBA club had planned a great cultural fest for the evening, which included dinner serving Indian food. For many like me, I’ve already spoiled the surprise of the best part of the day, but wait! There was a lot of fun before that as well.

At 3 pm, we started with a movie, Dil Chahta Hai – the winner of the verbal voting that was done in the previous days. Sadly, not many could come to enjoy the story of friends with their friends due to the interview workshop and cultural-fest preparation. But whoever did had a time of their lives.

diwali nus mba 2006

After the movie, Vikas and Noopur, in gorgeous ethnic wear, started with the ceremonial Ganesh Shloka, “Vakratunda Mahakaaye”. Next on stage was Antakshari. We chucked the usual round as it gets too boring, and had three rounds. The participants had to identify the song when the initial part, stanza or the muted video of the song was played. Sushant and I had a tough time selecting the right mix of songs. We had similar trivia for the audience. The response was amazing. Indians are inseparable from the music of Bollywood.

Next in line was dumb-charades wherein one member of the participating team was given a Hollywood movie to enact pantomime while the other members were to guess the movie all within 2 minutes. Sad luck of the participants prevailed as no one was able to guess the movie in the first go. For few minutes we were worried of having no winner at all. But then, few actors were brilliant and ended up stealing the show.

We then had 1-minute games, in which the participants were picked from the audience when they answered simple questions like “On which MRT line does Somerset station come?” Pragati and Kunal did an excellent job making the participants compete in blowing most number of balloons, collecting most earrings from the audience and writing most names of professors in the business school.

The last game of the day was Tambola (bingo). Noopur took up the task to call out the number in her charming mechanism, while Sushant helped her with the winners. A fair value of $1 per ticket generated sufficient revenue to give away three full-houses making some people go home with heavy wallets.

diwali nus mba

We then had the traditional Laxmi Pooja at the new MBA lounge done by Prasoon, Sachin, Pradeep & Meera and Monisha helped them. Disha, Nutan and Shriya made one of the most beautiful Rangoli’s anyone had seen. The day ended with some fire-works and the excellent food, thanks to Anupam and Prashant – probably the best Indian food we’ve had in Singapore till date. Not to forget that the NUSBS parties cannot end without a jamming session by Anshuman on his guitar (when he takes a break, I try my luck at it), at our newly formed MBA club room, which invariably goes till 4 am.

The Diwali candles have died out, but the spirit remains flying high.

Vidhan Singhai 
Class of 2008

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