IBM Talk

The IBM Careers Talk organised by the Career Services Office took place at NUS Business School on 18 October 2006.

Think Business Consulting, Solutions, Software, IT Services, Servers, Storage, PC Products – Think IBM. At the IBM Careers Talk we had a unique opportunity to meet the representatives from the company with annual revenues of USD 91.1 billion, more than 300 000 employees, and a presence in more than 75 countries all around the globe.

The talk started off with a presentation that provided some interesting insights about the company by Mr. Colin Chong, Senior HR Manager at IBM Singapore. He took us through the history of IBM and shared with us a variety of details including the company’s focus on innovation, emphasis on diversity, and presence of opportunities to build a career. His extensive association with the company provided additional value to the information that we gained from his talk. Next to talk to us was Mr. Kris MacCabe, CFO, IBM Singapore. He has also been associated with IBM for a long time and had valuable details like the PC division sale, importance of an integrated value system and focus areas in business to share with us.

A few students with some experience in IBM earlier also came forward to share their thoughts regarding the company. When the floor was thrown open for questions, students expectedly were too keen to learn about opportunities at IBM Singapore. There was quite some curiosity about IBM operations at China as well. Mr. Colin and Mr. Kris answered all questions in detail and helped students get a clearer picture of the career opportunities and the process involved. The talk ended with the NUS Business School Career Services Office thanking IBM for an informative talk. After the scheduled talk, students had a great opportunity to interact with these representatives in person over lunch. This was a very good opportunity and interested students were only too keen to grab it with both hands.

Thus ended the talk from the company that boasts of receiving the highest number of patents from the USPTO consecutively for the last thirteen years and also has a handful of Nobel Laureates in the workforce.

Srikanth Sridharan
Class of 2008

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