Corporate Ethics Focus Group

This group includes NUS MBA students and professors who are interested in developing and sharing their perspectives on Corporate Ethics – a critical aspect in today’s business environment.

We are all so engrossed in our functional skill development these days. It is truly important and must be given a high priority. But, one essential aspect of doing any business is being ethical. It earns the due respect for an individual and for an organization, when it is adopted as a culture. We are interested to develop our perspectives on this subject using interactions and discussions with fellow MBAs, Professors and the Industry.

The motive behind this focus group is to share information on a few things:

  1. Role of ethics in business
  2. Ethical practices in contemporary business
  3. Results of unethical practices
  4. Ideas and thoughts on ethics

We are working closely with several faculty members in order to facilitate and contribute to the group activities. We plan to connect with experts in the industry once we have established a core group of participants.

With this in mind, we wish to welcome you all to our first event on the 23rd October 2006 at 05.30 PM. The event will focus on: HP – The Boardroom Investigation. The discussion will be focused on the recent events involving corporate ethics at HP. The issue has already resulted in several resignations, criminal charges and has had a negative effect on stock prices. Most importantly, it has placed HP in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Several professors will be sharing their valuable insights on the HP case, but please bring your thoughts, experiences and ideas as students are encouraged to have their say on this topic during the discussion. Please read up on the topic and be prepared to contribute. is a good place to begin your reading.

We look forward to see you all during the opening event. If you are interested in joining our effort, please feel free to contact us – together, we can make a difference!

Corporate Ethics Focus Group
NUS Business School

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