Mind My Business (Bizalum Entrepreneurs Evening)


4 September 2013 (Wednesday)

The Penny Black, Boat Quay

Global Alumni Network Office

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The inaugural Mind My Business networking night drew over 60 alumni. Aimed at business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, the event on 4 September 2013 featured a highly engaging sharing and Q&A session by two experienced businessmen over dinner and drinks at The Penny Black.

Participants took the opportunity to pick the brains of speakers Lim Hwee Hai (APEX EMBA 1998) and Ang Eu Gene (BBA 1994). Hwee Hai shared how he got started building his IT and mobile product distribution business, while Eu Gene spoke about how he made the switch to entrepreneurship after a corporate career spanning 15 years.

Ng Sok Eng (BBA 1997) and Vanessa Keng (BBA 2011) liked that the event was created specifically for business owners. Said Sok Eng: “I came here to get to know some other like-minded people. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. I would definitely like to see more of such events.”

Vanessa felt that by focussing on business owners, the event brought greater value to entrepreneurs like her. “It’s really quite inspiring to hear from real entrepreneurs, and it’s also wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people,” she said.

Similarly, Genevieve Yeep (BBA 1992) also found inspiration over the course of the evening. “I got to meet fellow alumni who are able to provide invaluable insight and advice for my start up. I found the talk inspiring. It validated some of my thoughts and gave me new-found courage to pursue the path of an entrepreneur.” She added that the directory of participants was a good idea and suggests extending the conversation online via GANO’s own website or over LinkedIn.

Also appreciating the speakers’ deep knowledge was Roy Ong (MBA 2000), who said he gained an important takeaway from the event. “From the first speaker, Mr Lim, I learned the importance of regularly re-evaluating your company’s position. Perhaps it is time for me to do the same with my four-year-old business.”

Agreeing, William Siu, a current UCLA-NUS EMBA participant said: “It’s nice hearing about the speakers’ experience on their journey, and to learn from them.” He added: “The event was well organised, and time was set aside for networking, so it was a really enjoyable programme.”

We also received feedback from participants via email following the event. Zhou May (MBA 1999) found the talks valuable: “Last night the two speakers sure caught my attention and I was able to take away some valuable tips. And the icebreaker was wonderful!”

Sachin Sancheti, BBA student and aspiring entrepreneur, valued the networking opportunity: “Thank you very much for organising this wonderful event. I am getting in touch with the other members who I met at the event and hope to see fair success in the relationship we built.”

Patrick Tan (MBA 1998) shared the same sentiment: “Thank you for organising the event. It is a wonderful platform to make new friends. I am looking forward to the next event.” Our next session will be in November 2013, so look out for our e-flyer invite in October!

Mind My Business is an Alumni Programme that provides a platform for alumni who are entrepreneurs and business owners to network and share experiences, knowledge and contacts. Alumni looking to start their own businesses are also welcome to join the programme. Driven by a committee comprising alumni volunteers, and supported by the Global Alumni Network Office, the objective of the programme is to organise a series of networking sessions, invite speakers for discussions on various topics relevant to these business owners as well as form online support groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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